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Curing Meth Addiction (continued)
While any addiction can be difficult to cure, you don’t have to be versed in the intricacies of meth to lend a helping hand. In fact, family support is one of the most important factors in combating the addiction.

If somebody you care about is affected, the best thing to do is acknowledge the addiction and seek professional help. Ignoring the problem or bailing out a meth addict by feeding his habit will only keep him ensnared in the addiction.

Next, you should seek professional help by contacting a qualified drug recovery clinic or preferably a meth-specific treatment program.

Drug recovery clinics concentrate on relieving pain and the emotional response to it. The patient is given the drug in adequate doses to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This aims to detoxify the patient and break the cycle of addiction over time. One problem with this approach is that it was designated for the treatment of heroin; cocaine and other known drug addictions. Meth, a relatively new craze, can last for months and lead to a lot of withdrawal and relapses over the long run.

Unlike the traditional “pharmacological” approach to drug addiction, a number of treatment programs are now tailored specifically to deal with addiction to meth. These programs go beyond detoxification to prepare the addict for long-time recovery. The patients are coached individually or in small therapy groups of 4 to 6. They are taught about their addiction, ways to manage their cravings and how to avoid substances that could trigger a relapse.

Final Word: Family Support is Crucial
To have someone in your family fall prey to meth addiction is tragic and heart-rending. Both the physical and mental strain can trump their desire for a clean life and keep them ensnared in the vicious cycle of addiction. However, they do not have to live with it through the rest of their life. You, as a family member or close friend, can do a lot to help them find a way out of their addiction. Start by facing their addiction head-on and refer them to an appropriate treatment program. Even after they’ve completed their treatment, there is still a lot you can do. Meth cravings take longer to subsidise than any other drug. Your support, guidance and help are required to ensure they turn around their life and stay free from the insidious crystal for good.

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